Refugee Rights Data Project Marta Welander

Marta Welander - Executive Director

Prior to founding Refugee Rights Europe, Marta worked as Deputy Director of a small international human rights and peacebuilding organisation. Before that, she facilitated collaboration between member NGOs of a vast global partnership, and was a founding member of a women’s rights coalition in the Middle East & North Africa. She has previously served a number of non-governmental organisations including the Refugee Council UK, Front Line Defenders, and the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network. Marta holds an MA in Human Rights & Democratic Governance and an MA in International Relations. She is currently a doctoral researcher in the Department of Politics and International relations at University of Westminster.

Refugee Rights Data Project Alice Lucas

Alice Lucas - Advocacy and Policy Manager

Alice joined Refugee Rights Europe in October 2017, bringing with her experience from both the education sector and the communications industry. Prior to working for Refugee Rights Europe Alice was a teaching assistant in a school in London, and has taught both in the UK and abroad, as well as working as an advisor to students in English universities. For the past 3 years, Alice has worked for a successful marketing and communications agency based in London where she was responsible for both internal and external communications, social media strategy development and marketing campaigns for international clients. Alongside her paid roles, Alice has also volunteered at a local law centre providing legal aid for refugees and asylum seekers and as an advisor for local residents with housing and benefits issues. She holds a BA(hons) in English Literature from the University of Westminster and a MSc in International Public Policy from University College London.

Refugee Rights Data Project Stephanie Pope

Stephanie Pope - Senior Advocacy and Policy Officer

Stephanie joined RRE in April 2019 as Senior Policy and Advocacy Officer, leading our EU- and UN-level advocacy and policy work. She has worked in Hotspots and refugee camps throughout Greece, in humanitarian assistance as well as legal aid. In addition, Stephanie has work experience with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in London as well as the UNHCR Liaison Office to the OSCE in Vienna. Stephanie graduated with an MSc in Refugee and Forced Migration Studies from Oxford University in 2018, specializing in international and European human rights and refugee law.

Refugee Rights Data Project Samer Saifeddin Abdulkarim Mustafa

Samer Saifeddin Abdulkarim Mustafa - Project Officer

Samer founded the refugee support group Hopetowns only a few weeks after arriving in the UK in 2016. Prior to this, he was a Calais camp resident, a community leader and a volunteer. He is currently Project Officer and a Field Research Coordinator for Refugee Rights Europe whilst also studying at college in London.

Refugee Rights Data Project Bana

Bana Tesfamichael - Programme Officer

Bana joined RRE as a Programme Officer (intern) in May 2019. She holds a BA International Business degree from the University of Greenwich and is currently studying a MA in International Relations at Richmond The American International University in London. Bana is passionate about human rights, with a key interest in refugee rights and displaced people and communities. She has previously volunteered in Bangladesh for 3 months with VSO as part of an International Citizen Scheme, working alongside Bangladeshi volunteers organising training in SRHR and vocational skills whilst also encouraging youth led projects and involvement within rural communities.

Refugee Rights Data Project Mohamad Alhussein Saoud

Mohamad Alhussein Saoud - Statistical Analyst

As Refugee Rights Europe's statistical analyst, Mohamad has also worked with the organisation as a field researcher and coordinator, having participated in several studies to-date. Mohamad has a BA and an MA in Economics from Aleppo University, Syria, and an MA in Democratic Governance and Human Rights from the European Inter-University Centre for Human Rights. He is currently based in Germany, where he works at Magdeburg University as a student assistant, as part of a project about refugees and migration in Germany.

Refugee Rights Europe Nahzley Anvarian

Nahzley Anvarian - Consultant (Fixed term)

Naz has been working with refugees and asylum seekers in various capacities throughout the UK and Europe since 2006. She has worked with individuals as well as within communities and refugee camp settings. Through her work, she has gained extensive knowledge regarding the issues and challenges faced by this vulnerable group. She has worked with various organisations, including the Refugee Council/UK, British Red Cross, International Federation of Red Cross, France terre d’asile, Afghan Association Paiwand, Safe Passage, Second Tree (based in Greece) and Hopetowns. Naz has been involved in a variety of research studies with Refugee Rights Europe since November 2016 and is currently working as a consultant for the organisation. She is committed to making a positive change to the lives of refugees and asylum seekers by ensuring their basic Human Rights are upheld, as well as empowering and encouraging them to achieve their full potential.