Toward a Rights-Based Reform of the Common European Asylum System

Refugee Rights Europe believes that the European Union and its member states are capable of operating an asylum system upholding the human rights of persons seeking protection on European territory. The reform of the Common European Asylum System is a strong opportunity to make this a reality and to put lessons learned from recent years into practice, creating a system that works better for the displaced, host communities, national governments and EU institutions. Such a system safeguards human rights while saving human, material and financial resources that go to waste when asylum is handled in an inhumane and inconsistent manner. In 2019 Refugee Rights Europe is working with policy-makers at the national, European and international levels to achieve positive reform. Informed by data gathered from over 6,000 displaced people and civil society actors in Europe since 2016, and with up-to-date expertise on key EU locations affected by forced migration, RRE is focusing on three core themes within the reform of the CEAS:

Realising Family Reunification

Countering Externalisation & Obstruction of Access to Asylum

Ending Deprivation of Liberty & Geographical Restriction

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