Who we are

Refugee Rights Europe is a human rights organisation and registered UK charity. Founded in late 2015, the organisation researches and documents the situation for refugees and displaced people seeking protection in Europe, with a particular focus on human rights violations and inadequate humanitarian conditions experienced. The organisation uses its research findings to call for human rights-centered policy development across Europe, to ensure the rights of refugees and displaced people are upheld on European soil, in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.



Our vision is a world in which the Universal Declaration of Human Rights applies to all human beings, including refugees and displaced people in Europe.

We believe in the power of research and information, and use our independent field research findings to mobilise individuals, communities and partner organisations to join our call to action for refugee rights. Together, we bring the voices of refugees and displaced people to policy-makers, influencers and international media. We call on those who have the power to bring about change, to do the right thing.