Refugee Rights Data Project Marta Welander

Marta Welander - Director

Prior to founding RRDP, Marta worked as Deputy Director of a small international human rights and peacebuilding organisation. Before that, she facilitated collaboration between member NGOs of a vast global partnership, and was a founding member of a women’s rights coalition in the Middle East & North Africa. She has previously served a number of non-governmental organisations including the Refugee Council UK, Front Line Defenders, and the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network. Marta holds an MA in Human Rights & Democratic Governance and an MA in International Relations. She is currently a doctoral researcher in the Department of Politics and International relations at University of Westminster.

Refugee Rights Data Project Johanna Puhakka

Johanna Puhakka - External Relations & Development Manager

Johanna is a development specialist from Finland, currently based in Jordan and engaged in research and advocacy consultancies for several NGOs across the globe. She has a solid background in human rights, and has worked with refugees across Europe and the Middle East. Johanna holds a BSc in Sociology and an MA in Human Rights and Democratic Governance. She is passionate about critical theory and interested in researching matters relating to power and control in societies.

Refugee Rights Data Project Alice Lucas

Alice Lucas - Programme Officer

Alice is currently completing an MSc in International Public Policy from University College London, where she plans to undertake research on refugee access to public housing. She has worked with several organisations and community initiatives supporting refugees in London, where she is currently based. Alice is interested in the role that language and discourse play in the public perception of refugees and displaced persons.

Refugee Rights Data Project Mohamad Saoud

Mohamad Alhussein Saoud - Statistical Analyst

As RRDP’s statistical analyst, Mohamad has also worked with the organisation as a field researcher and coordinator, having participated in several studies to-date. Mohamad has a BA and an MA in Economics from Aleppo University, Syria, and an MA in Democratic Governance and Human Rights from the European Inter-University Centre for Human Rights. He is currently based in Germany, where he works at Magdeburg University as a student assistant, as part of a project about refugees and migration in Germany.


RRDP’s pool of researchers supports the work of the organisation on an ad hoc basis. Our researchers are deployed to the field, conduct desk research for reports and advocacy activities, and/or support the successful coordination of research studies on the ground.

Refugee Rights Data Project Christy Braham

Christy Braham

Christy's background lies primarily in public health research and social inclusion in a non-profit context. As a PhD candidate at University of Sheffield working on access to health services for migrant and minority ethnic populations in Europe, she is trained in both quantitative and qualitative research methods. Having previously contributed towards research on the practice of female genital mutilation amongst African migrants in Belgium, she has also volunteered and worked in frontline health services and served vulnerable patients such as refugees, the homeless and those in poor mental health. She holds a master’s degree in Public Health from Imperial College London and an undergraduate degree in Biomedical Science from King’s College London.

Refugee Rights Data Project Cristina Cardarelli

Cristina Cardarelli

Cristina Cardarelli has a strong background in International Relations, with a focus on human rights, an MSc in International Relations Theory from LSE and a MA in Human rights and Democracy in the MENA region from EIUC. In the past years, she has collaborated with different NGOs in South Asia and worked as trainee at the European Parliament, DG EPRS. She has also worked as Assistant Campaigns Coordinator in a NGO based in Paris, helping the coordination of international human rights campaigns. As human right researcher, she has worked in Palestine, in collaboration with Birzeit University, and in Jordan, where she focused on the refugee crisis. She has been with RRDP since the early days of the organisation, working as field researcher in France and Greece. She is currently working as Project and Communication Officer at the Italian Cooperation Office in Burkina Faso, as part of the UN Fellowship Program.

Refugee Rights Data Project Giulia Fagotto

Giulia Fagotto

Giulia Fagotto is junior programme office for the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) in Brussels. She holds a master in International Relations and Democratic Governance with a major in Human Rights in the MENA region. Her passion for travelling took her around the Mediterranean where she worked in governmental, nongovernmental and consultancy organisations engaged in human rights protection and migration issues. As a result, rather than a migration expert she turned into an expert migrant!

Refugee Rights Data Project Sandra El Gemayel

Sandra El Gemayel

Sandra is a PhD Candidate at UCL, Institute of Education in London. Her research focuses on the impact of armed conflict and displacement on the childhood and play of young Iraqi and Syrian child refugees in Lebanon. With an MA in Early Years Education and experience volunteering with refugees and internally displaced persons, Sandra is interested in work and research related to children’s rights, constructions of childhood, and the understanding of play in the early years, specifically in refugee populations, helping to make young refugee children’s voices heard.