In Paris, despite promises from President Macron to get refugees “off the streets, out of the woods” by the end of 2017, large numbers of displaced people remain on the streets in freezing temperatures with little to no access to appropriate sanitation facilities. This includes large numbers of people who have claimed asylum in France, and amongst them unaccompanied minors.

Read our latest report, Still on the Streets and share our latest video to raise awareness of the current human rights situation taking place in Paris.


Tweet the French Interior Minister


Tweet Gerard Collomb, the French Interior Minister, to raise awareness of the human rights situation and call on France to do more to protect refugees and displaced people in Paris.

Suggested Tweets:

Dear [@gerardcollomb], new research by Refugee Rights Europe found that large numbers of #refugees in Paris have spent the winter in destitution, sleeping rough in freezing weather @Refugee_RE Read: http://refugeerights.org.uk/reports/

Dear [@gerardcollomb], 66.9% of #refugees and displaced people in Paris are unable to access information about European immigration and asylum rules. Read @Refugee_RE: http://refugeerights.org.uk/reports/



While a long-term solution is urgently needed, we need to make sure people are protected in the meantime. Paris Refugee Ground Support are working tirelessly on the ground to protect children and adults where authorities are failing.

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If you haven’t yet done so, read the full report Still On The Streets to learn more about the conditions faced by refugees and displaced people living in Paris.

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