Hundreds of refugees, including a large number of unaccompanied children, are sleeping rough in Calais, facing inhumane conditions, police violence and citizen abuse. Many of the children in the area might be eligible for family reunification in the UK under the Dublin regulation, and many more could be protected through the Dubs scheme.

It is important that MPs speak up for the rights of vulnerable people in displacement. Write to your MP asking them to stay informed by reading our report 'Six Months On' and to support legislation that will address this grave child protection failure on the UK’s doorstep:



You can reach your MP via Twitter too! Use our suggested tweets below, or write your own, to make sure your MP is aware of our latest research findings. We found that 56% of child refugees sleeping rough in Calais are former residents of the Calais 'Jungle' camp, which highlights the need for effective and timely action to make sure they are now finally provided with options to break out of this unhealthy and dangerous situation which no child should ever have to face.

Tweet your MP to raise awareness, calling on them to do more to protect child refugees:

Suggested Tweets:

Dear [@twitterhandle] 37% of #refugee children in Calais have family in UK, says @refugeedata Read: https://goo.gl/8cfau3 @tweet_your_MP

Dear [@twitterhandle] 99% of children sleeping rough in Calais are unaccompanied. Read @refugeedata: https://goo.gl/8cfau3 @tweet_your_MP

Dear [@twitterhandle] 97% of homeless #refugee children in Calais faced police violence. https://goo.gl/8cfau3 @refugeedata @tweet_your_MP



While a long-term solution is urgently needed, we need to make sure children are protected in the meantime. Alarmingly, these children still remain outside of state protection and official services in France. To fill some of this gap, the Mobile Youth Centre by Refugee Youth Service France aims to offer a safe space for minors, legal support, and information about asylum processes in Europe. Support their effort to protect children where authorities are failing.

Donate to Refugee Youth Service:



If you haven’t yet done so, read the full report Six Months On to learn more about the conditions faced by refugees and displaced people living in the Calais area.

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