Annual Report 2017

Read about our activities and accomplishments in 2017.

This report summarises the work we undertook as an organisation in 2017.

We are infinitely grateful to all those who made our work possible throughout the year, and look forward to continuing working together.

The State Of Refugees and Displaced People in Europe

A summary of research findings across Europe 2016 - 2017

This report is a summary of Refugee Rights Europe's key findings from our various field studies across Europe in 2016-2017, structured around the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The report paints a harrowing picture of human rights for refugees and people in displacement throughout Europe, documenting chronic police violence, lack of access to information and education, substandard living conditions, gender-based violence and absence of sexual and reproductive healthcare services.

Top Five Facts

Human Rights for Displaced People in Europe

This 'Top 5 Facts' sheet draws on our independent research findings from the front lines of Europe's humanitarian crisis, and presents an overall picture of the human rights situation faced by refugees and displaced people across various European locations.