Refugee Rights Europe's pool of researchers supports the work of the organisation on an ad hoc basis. Our researchers are deployed to the field, conduct desk research for reports and advocacy activities, and/or support the successful coordination of research studies on the ground.

Refugee Rights Data Project Miriam Beller

Miriam Beller

Miriam holds a degree in Development Studies from the University of Vienna. She is currently working as a TV-journalist in Austria covering issues of international conflict, migration and asylum in different contexts. Both as a researcher and journalist, Miriam has been dealing with refugee issues over the past few years. She is specialized in the Afghan diaspora and, in this context, especially interested in questions of identity and gender. Miriam is fluent in German, English and Dari.

Refugee Rights Data Project Christy Braham

Christy Braham

Christy's background lies primarily in public health research and social inclusion in a non-profit context. As a PhD candidate at University of Sheffield working on access to health services for migrant and minority ethnic populations in Europe, she is trained in both quantitative and qualitative research methods. Having previously contributed towards research on the practice of female genital mutilation amongst African migrants in Belgium, she has also volunteered and worked in frontline health services and served vulnerable patients such as refugees, the homeless and those in poor mental health. She holds a master’s degree in Public Health from Imperial College London and an undergraduate degree in Biomedical Science from King’s College London.

Refugee Rights Data Project Cristina Cardarelli

Cristina Cardarelli

Cristina Cardarelli has a strong background in International Relations, with a focus on human rights, an MSc in International Relations Theory from LSE and a MA in Human rights and Democracy in the MENA region from EIUC. In the past years, she has collaborated with different NGOs in South Asia and worked as trainee at the European Parliament, DG EPRS. She has also worked as Assistant Campaigns Coordinator in a NGO based in Paris, helping the coordination of international human rights campaigns. As a human right researcher, she has worked in Palestine, in collaboration with Birzeit University, and in Jordan, where she focused on the refugee crisis. She has been with Refugee Rights Europe since the beginning of the organisation, working as a field researcher in France and Greece. She is currently working as Project and Communication Officer at the Italian Cooperation Office in Burkina Faso, as part of the UN Fellowship Program.

Refugee Rights Data Project Karen Diop

Karen Diop

Karen Diop is a French researcher currently based in Dakar, Senegal and working within the World Food Programme (WFP). She holds a Bachelor degree in Economics and Political Science, a postgraduate diploma in Management and recently graduated with an MSc in Leadership and Development from King's College London. Her interest in gender and migration issues led her to work with Refugee Rights Europe in 2016 during its pilot phase, in the Calais refugee camp. As part of her work with WFP, Karen is now developing her expertise and understanding of food security, nutrition and challenges faced by displaced people.

Refugee Rights Data Project Sandra El Gemayel

Sandra El Gemayel

Sandra is a PhD Candidate at UCL, Institute of Education in London. Her research focuses on the impact of armed conflict and displacement on the childhood and play of young Iraqi and Syrian child refugees in Lebanon. With an MA in Early Years Education and experience volunteering with refugees and internally displaced persons, Sandra is interested in work and research related to children’s rights, constructions of childhood, and the understanding of play in the early years, specifically in refugee populations, helping to make young refugee children’s voices heard.

Refugee Rights Data Project Giulia Fagotto

Giulia Fagotto

Giulia Fagotto is Junior Programme Officer for the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) in Brussels. She holds a Masters in International Relations and Democratic Governance with a major in Human Rights in the MENA region. Her passion for travelling took her around the Mediterranean where she worked in governmental, non-governmental and consultancy organisations engaged in human rights protection and migration issues.

Refugee Rights Data Project Musashi Fujimura

Musashi Fujimura

Musashi is originally from Japan but currently based in Jordan where he's supporting an NGO project providing safe play and learning spaces for children in a refugee camp. He has a solid background working with children, both as a practitioner and a researcher - he completed several research projects focusing on the meaning of play in childhood in Japan, the Democratic Republic of Congo and France. He has worked with Refugee Rights Europe as a volunteer coordinator and a field researcher in France and Greece. He holds an MA in Education and International Development from UCL, Institute of Education.

Refugee Rights Data Project Candace Georgis

Candace Georgis

Candace is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Social Anthropology and Development Studies at SOAS in London. She has been a key member of the Refugee Rights Europe team since 2016, being involved in crucial work such as interpretation, translation and field research.

Refugee Rights Data Project Gemma Hennessey

Gemma Hennessey

Gemma is a current research intern at both the British Red Cross and the Institute for Research into Superdiversity, based at the University of Birmingham. She holds an LLB from the University of Edinburgh, and an MSc from UCL’s School of Public Policy, during which she conducted research on the experiences of resettled Syrian refugees in the UK. Gemma previously worked at the Refugee Council as a project worker for the Syrian Vulnerable Person Resettlement Programme.

Refugee Rights Data Project Lizzie Hobbs

Lizzie Hobbs

Lizzie is about to begin an MA at King’s College London in Conflict, Security and Development. She has just finished her degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics at the University of Exeter where she wrote her dissertation exploring how the militarisation of aid in Afghanistan impacted communication between humanitarian actors and non-state armed groups. She has worked in the development sector in Thailand and has worked across India as a Field Evaluator for GlobalGiving.

Refugee Rights Data Project Luke Hodgkin

Luke Hodgkin

Until 2003, Luke was working as a mathematician, teaching subject matters such as statistics for business and history of mathematics, mainly at King's College London. He published a textbook for Oxford University Press in 2005, and subsequently completed an LLM in Human Rights at Birkbeck in 2010-2012. In 2015 and 2016, Luke was part of a group that travelled to Calais, bringing supplies, raising money and holding the conferences in solidarity with the camp residents. Luke continues to write and advocate in support of refugee rights, and does voluntary work for the Islington Law Centre and for Safe Passage.

Refugee Rights Data Project Cassidy McKenna

Cassidy McKenna

Cassidy has a strong background in field-based projects. In 2016-2017 she spent eight months in Athens, Greece, working on a range of initiatives that provide aid to, and advocate for the rights of, refugees and displaced people. More recently she worked as a Programme Officer for Refugee Rights Europe. She has a BA from University College London, and is particularly interested in the ways in which grassroots bodies can help strengthen pre-existing community support systems, whilst also creating new, multinational and multilingual ones to respond to the unpredictable migration experience.

Refugee Rights Data Project Isra Rehman

Isra Rehman

Isra was born in the North of England and has lived there her whole life, while her family is from Pakistan/Afghanistan. She studied at the University of Birmingham for three years and then trained to become a chartered accountant and chartered tax adviser with a professional services firm. Isra spent three weeks in Athens in January 2017 volunteering at a shelter for women and children, and then returned for two weeks in April. She's planning to go again within the next few months.

Refugee Rights Data Project Salma Kasmani

Salma Kasmani

Salma gained ample experience volunteering in refugee contexts in Greece in 2016, where she provided communication services in Arabic to help disseminate information and provide advice. She communicated effectively with women who had been widowed, who were survivors of shipwrecks or explosions, and with unaccompanied minors. She has moreover supported Refugee Rights Europe with translation work since March 2016, and was a researcher during the study relating to women in displacement in November 2017.