Advocacy and evidence submissions

At Refugee Rights Europe, our advocacy work is informed by our first-hand research into the situation for refugees and displaced people in Europe, with a particular focus on human rights violations and the inadequate humanitarian conditions.

Influencing decision-makers

We use our research findings to advocate for human rights-centred policy development, to ensure the human rights of refugees and displaced people are upheld on European soil, in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

We advocate for change by sharing our research findings with relevant politicians and influencers, by submitting evidence to relevant court cases, and by holding policy-makers to account through formal accountability mechanisms at the national, EU and international level.

Below are some key submissions made to different bodies at the international, European and National levels over time.

International/United Nations level

Written Submission in response to questionnaire for non-state actors on the Human Rights to water and sanitation of forcibly displaced people in need of humanitarian assistance March 2018 Read
Written submission to the WGEPAD on promotion of human rights of people of African descent February 2018 Read
Written submission to OHCHR report on young people’s human rights January 2018 Read
Written submission to OHCHR report on SDG’s and Health October 2017 Read
Written submission to OHCHR report on protecting the rights of the child in humanitarian situations August 2017 Read
Letter to permanent representatives in Geneva ahead of France UPR December 2017 Read

European level

Written submission to the EASO Annual Report 2017 February 2018 Read
Evidence submission to European Court of Human Rights, JK vs France November 2017 Read

National level

Written submission to the APPG on Ending Homelessness February 2018 Read
Written submission to the Independent Chief Inspector on Borders February 2018 Read
Civil society-led court case against the French state June 2017
Oral and written submission to an independent inquiry on situation of separated and unaccompanied minors in Northern France. June 2017 Read