Who Are We?

Refugee Rights Data Project (RRDP) is a non-governmental human rights organisation and UK registered charity. We aim to fill information gaps relating to refugees and displaced people in Europe by conducting our own independent field research.

Our organisation is run by individuals spanning a broad range of sectors and backgrounds. We are independent of any political ideology or religion, united by our commitment to defend the human rights of some of the world’s most vulnerable groups of people.


The political debate surrounding refugees and displaced people is characterised by a striking absence of reliable facts and figures. On the one hand, we hope that our independent research will provide influencers and policymakers with a powerful tool – enabling them to identify specific problem areas and work towards formulating a sustainable response to the humanitarian crisis. We aim to encourage firm policy action that upholds the human rights of refugees and displaced people.

We moreover believe that our research can help to inform a nuanced, non-polarising and constructive public debate. It is our hope that this will generate a response to refugees and displaced people across host societies in Europe based on solidarity and mutual understanding among people.